Apple TV Reset & Restore

Apple TV Reset & Restore

Issues & Symptoms

Reset & Restore may be required to troubleshoot certain issues:
Loss of Heartbeat
Device has not provided a recent heartbeat it may show up on the issue devices list of your system status report.   

Unresponsive Device
Device has become unresponsive MDM commands. 

Application Updates Required    
The device applications are not automatically updating to the latest version/configuration

Data needs to be cleared   
Data, accounts and applications need to be manually cleared from the device.


1. Select the 'Settings' app from within the main menu

2. Select 'System'


1. Select the 'Reset' option
Be sure to choose 'Reset' rather than 'Restart'

 5. Select 'Reset'

6. Confirm by selecting 'Reset' again


The AppleTV should reload all apps and configurations automatically.   The process  may take up to five minutes to complete.  Please do not touch the remote or disturb the process.

If the issue persists please open a support ticket and provide the following:

  1. The Area/Room & Location if there is more than one Apple TV 

  2. Apple TV Serial Number ( Settings > General > About )